Minor Committee Notes 3rd April 2016

posted Apr 4, 2016, 12:08 PM by Aine Martin

Cardiac Screening Clinic

Will be held in the club on Saturday 23rd April. The clinic will be open from 9.30am-5pm. Each screening will take 20 minutes and is open to all club members at a cost of €65 per person. 
Anyone with LAYA is FREE but please remember to mention this and have your Laya details with you.

Why undergo a Cardiac Screening?

·         Up to 100 young people die each year in Ireland from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

·         1 in 300 people may have a cardiac abnormality

·         The national register recently reported that the incidents of SADS are higher in Ireland than many other European countries.

·         In Italy cardiac screening is mandatory for anyone aged 12 to 35 years involved in competitive sport for the past 25 years. They have reduced the incidents of SADS by 89%.

·         The GAA’s Medical Scientific and Welfare Committee and the International Rugby Board recommend cardiac screening for all players over the age of 14 years

·         The European Society of Cardiology & the International Olympic Committee recommends cardiac screening.

·         Heartaid’s service is based on the recommendations of the above named organisations.

Bookings can be made online or over the phone (1890 300 333). Go to www.ameds.ie.

Club Shop

The club shop is open every Friday from 8-9pm for all your club gear including socks, shorts, gloves, hats, jackets etc.

U14 Boy's Division 1

Our division 1 team had a comprehensive victory over Roscommon Gaels on Thursday last in Lisnamult.
Team: Justin Kelly, Shane Keenan, Shane Finnerty, Luke O'Rourke, Fergal Cunniffe, Sean Trundle, Daniel Meeley, Ruairi Fallon, Ben O'Carroll, Brian Monaghan (captain), Oisin Canny, Conor Hand, Tomás O'Brien, Adam Lennon, Brian Nestor, Shane Daly, Ronan Doyle, Daniel Keenan, Gavin Daly, Michael Sugrue, Adam Samuels, Martin O'Grady, Hughie Cunniffe.

U14 Boy's Division 4 League

Our division 4 team secured a one point win over Padraig Pearses in Kiltoom last Tuesday evening.

Team: Harry Grislain, Shane Finnerty (captain), Gavin Daly, Adam Samuels, Shane Daly, James Goose, Martin O'Grady, Thomas O'Brien, James O'Rourke, Jack Tiernan, Jamie Curley, Hughie Cunniffe, Ciaran Derwin, Oran Benton, Daniel Keenan.

Under 16 Div 1 – 27th March 2016

Clann na nGael 2-05 v 1-11 St Brigids

Team: - Jack Scouler, Gary Daly, Billy McDonnell, Luke Griselain, Mark Haran, Pearse Frost, Ciaran Quinn, Darragh Murray, Shane Cunnane, Oisin Reilly, Robbie Dolan, Danny McDermott, Ruairi Smith, Eoghan Derwin, Ian O’Rourke

Subs: Evan Gallagher, Cormac Canny (for Danny McDermott), Shane Kelly, Faolain Kennedy (for Gary Daly), Liam Egan

Under 16 Div 4 – 28th March 2016

Michael Glaveys 0-05 v 5-13 St Brigids

Team: - Danny McDermott, Daniel Butler, Luke Griselain, Faolain Kennedy, Liam Egan, Ciaran Quinn, Robbie Dolan, Fergus O’Sullivan, Cian Lawless, Shane Kelly, Cormac Canny

Subs: Michael Butler (for Cian Lawless), Brian Monaghan (for Cormac Canny), Ultan O’Rourke (for Ciaran Quinn), Brian Nestor (for Faolain Kennedy)

Under 16 Div 1 – 2nd April 2016

St Brigids 6-11 v 0-04 Oran

Team: - Jack Scouler, Faolain Kennedy, Billy McDonnell, Mark Haran, Ciaran Quinn, Pearse Frost, Paul McGrath, Darragh Murray, Shane Cunnane, Jack Gartland, Oisin Reilly, Robbie Dolan, Ciaran Sugrue, Eoghan Derwin, Ian O’Rourke

Subs: Evan Gallagher, Gary Daly, Luke Griselain, Ruairi Smith, Tom O'Carroll, Cormac Canny, Shane Kelly, Liam Egan, Matthew Cochrane, Cian Lawless, Danny McDermott, Cian Daly,