Training Pitch Schedule


Preventing Damage to Main Pitch. Team Managers using the Main Pitch should only use Poles as goals and in different areas. Tom Blain wants to prevent the development of ‘Goalmouth Patches’ around the pitch and especially on the ‘21’ lines. Also avoid too much use in any area for drills or shuttle runs, etc that might damage the pitch. Maximum use should be made of the Burning Ground for this kind of work.


Challenges. Managers organising Challenges should take account t of the schedule. U14s will be playing most of their games on Thursdays so if they have an away game Back pitch will be available. The seniors will be playing a lot of games on Friday evenings as are our under-age Boys and Ladies’ teams. Saturdays and Sundays are excellent days for challenges. Please keep an eye on the games schedule as distributed Sunday and give plenty of notice to John Daly or Tom Blaine.

Pitch Scheduling Notes

U-14 Boys are training on Monday nights from 8-9 at present until end Feb when they will train on Tues from 7-8

The U14 and U16 Boys will share both the Back Pitch and Burning Ground and agree how to share the two areas.

The U-12 Boys are training on Wed from 7-8. They can share the Backpitch with the Senior Girls who are from 8-9

The U14s will be playing the majority of their games on Thurs evenings At 7.00 and the U16s and U18s will be using it occasionally also. Therefore the U14s will not be using the Back Pitch from 8- 9.30 on the nights when they have games. This information could be useful for other teams considering challenges on Thursdays.

The U-18s have a slot on Fri from 7-8 while the Senior ladies have a slot on the Training Pitch from 8-9. There will need to be a degree of coordination between Team managers to alternate these slots as required.

The U16s play some of their games on Sundays.