Pitch Booking and Mgmt


Pitch Booking System

The pitch schedule will be on-line for 2023 and subsequent years.

Pitch usage times for St Brigids teams will be allocated by the Parks and Facilities Sub-committee.   All bookings ( both repeat bookings and one off games and training times ) will be approved on line by the Chairperson of the Parks and Facilities Sub-committee.

All bookings by counties, other clubs, schools, colleges, inter-firm or other non St Brigids team will be allocated through the on-line booking system.  All outside teams can request a booking on-line.   Booking may be for matches or training.  Available for booking, subject to availability, are:-

Main Pitch:   For games only.  Floodlights .  There is a stand on one side and a terraced area with total specatator capacity of circa 3,000.  Press box and electronic scoreboard.

2nd Pitch:     For games and training.   Floodlights.   Evalated area adjacent to pitch suitable for videoing of games.

3rd  Pitch:  For games and training  Floodlights.   Dimensions of playing area akin to Croke Park


Training Pitch:   Suitable for traing with smaller panels   Dimensions 100m x 80m

The facility is booked when approved online by the Chairperson of the Parks and Facilities Sub-committee.

The chairperson of the St Brigids  Parks and Facilities Sub-committee for 2023 is Tomas Beades  (086 0876933)


Preventing Damage to Pitches.

Main Pitch:    Only u10 and U8 Girls & Boys and the nursery group are allowed to train on the main pitch.   No portable goal posts should be placed on the main pitch.   Poles shall be placed as goals.  Small sized games should align 'pitches' across the field.

All teams:   No straight line warm-up activities should take place on main pitch prior to any game.  Warm-ups should take place on the spaces allocated elsewhere on the  grounds.

2nd and 3rd pitch:    Straight  line training should not take place on either pitch.  There is ample area adjacent to the 3rd pitch and on the 'burning ground' adjacent to pitch 2.

Pitch Scheduling Notes

The full pitch allocation and management will be available soon on the online facility management application.