Club Notes 24th May 2020

Club Notes 24th May 2020

St. Brigid’s Lotto
There are a number of ways still available to be part of the Lotto draw.


Tickets can be purchased on line ( through the club website ).

Some lotto players may not be on-line or have a credit card. It is possible to purchase lotto on line for a friend. A lotto player may get a family member or a trusted friend to purchase a lotto subscription for them and have their name on the entry.

Lotto Book Sellers

There are a number of people who sell 1 or more books of tickets per week.

The sellers of books can get the sets of 4 numbers from those that buy the tickets.

The numbers, the name of the buyer and the seller's name should be sent to the following address(es) and/or

The numbers will be included on the club laptop. The money can be collected by the seller in a safe fashion.

If a person buys 'a book' then they will have 6 enteries for the draw.

If anyone has any questions on any of thee above please contact the chairperson of the finance committee, Tommy Dolan @ 086 44 93871 or the treasurer Brian O'Ruaric (0872779194 )

Standing Order

Standing order quarterly, half-yearly or annual payments. €100, €50 or €25.

If there are lotto players that would like to avail of this option please send their name and address to this e-mail address or to and a form will be sent out.

If any of the above payment methods prove problematic, please contact Brian O'Ruaric directly to make alternative arrangements on 0872779194

Tickets can also be purchased in McHugh’s and Menton’s shops in Curraghboy, Dooley’s Fruit & Veg in Athlone and Tavanagh Meats in Brideswell.




Last Week’s Results

Numbers Drawn 3/ 10​ / 18 / 30



Draw takes place on Sunday night 31/05/2020

in St Brigid’s Sports and Social Centre at 9.00pm