Support our Development Project by ‘Buying a Brick’

The club has launched a major development project that will have lasting benefits for our club and community. The project involves the construction of a new gym and a meeting/conference room as part of a new extension to the existing Complex.

The upgrade and extension of the car-park and upgrades of the club dressing rooms, kitchen and roof will also take place as part of these substantial works.

This is a significant project that will benefit our club, the wider community and future generations. The club is receiving LEADER funding of €356,849 for these development works and a specific target  of approximately €120,000 from our own resources now needs to be raised to ensure we bring these new facilities to fruition

To coincide with the project, a fundraising campaign is getting underway, centring on a ‘Buy a Brick’ initiative.  As an example of how ‘Buy a Brick’ works, a family can sponsor an illustrated brick for say  €250. They can then decide whose name or names go on that brick: it  could be a family name/surname or it could be used it as an opportunity to remember a loved one who has passed.

All sponsored bricks will go on display on a recessed wall in the corridors of the new building.

We are encouraging all our members and our club diaspora to support the club’s fundraising efforts in whatever way possible in order to bring to fruition a development that will have lasting benefits for our club and community. For further details on purchasing a brick please click here...